The mystery of the blue cat


Things have been relatively quiet at Chez Lazy Buddhist. No bunnies greeting me in windows or attacking my face, and no cats losing their minds and sending me to the ER. It’s all been pretty chill. But today Alaska decided to mix it up a bit just to keep me on my toes.



When I came home tonight, half of Alaska’s face was blue. So, I looked about the house to see what he could have rubbed up against or slept on that would dye his fur blue. I can find nothing. Nothing. Like all of my animals, he is indoors only, so the culprit has to be here somewhere. Right? Right?

Who knows what these animals do when I’m at work. Maybe Sasquatch dared him. Or Perhaps it was Mr. Binkles; idea of a prank. Maybe it is just Alaska’s homage to Dawn of the Dawn and Drew Show. Or maybe he thought maybe if he was blue I wouldn’t give him his sub-q fluids – a process he hates (wrong-o, bub, you’re still getting hooked up tonight).

Just another one of life’s little mysteries.


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  1. You could be onto something Baron von Rochester – perhaps he added the blue to go with the gold of his eyes as a way of showing his support for my Alma Mater UC Berkeley. Go Bears!

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