Hunting for clowns


Yesterday I came upon a great idea. Well, at least I think it’s a great idea. Perhaps it is not even an original idea. Ah hell, maybe it’s just stupid . . . but I like it! This brilliant idea? A photographic scavenger hunt.

The first Sunday of the month there is a huge vintage faire (yes, with that added “e” to make it sound extra olde timey) at an abandoned air base in Alameda. This is a huge flea market! I usually don’t even make it to the end before my dogs give out on me. But, I’ve gotten some good deals on some nice pieces there. And when I’m not in search of something in particular, it’s just fun to go to see all the stuff that reminds me of my childhood. Or as I told a vendor yesterday, “if I stare at this stuff any longer, I’m going to need to go back into therapy.”



The boyfriend and I asked Lana, my NKT widow friend, to join us since she had never been. Lana has a slightly unhealthy fascination with clowns, so shortly after we got there she found her first clown painting. And since she so seldom encounters clown art in her daily life, she took a picture of it. But, no sooner had she captured that one, there was another. And soon another. It was Clown-a-pa-looza! It seemed like every other booth had some kind of clown item – paintings, glass or porcelain, fabric, you name and someone has made a clown out of it. Even one of the vendors got into our clown quest as he said someone was selling a life size plastic clown. He tried to find the vendor for us, but alas, the clown had been purchased.

I don’t know if it was just a particularly clown heavy day, or since clowns are seldom something I am looking for, I have never noticed how many clowns I’m surrounded by. But, it’s like that, isn’t it? You’re thinking about buying a particular type of car, and suddenly it seems like every other car on the road is that type of car.

Perhaps next month if we go to the Alameda Flea, oh sorry, Vintage Faire (though this can be done at any flea), I’ll come up with a particular theme or item, and see how many I can find and photograph. It would be fun to do with other people just to see how different people would capture the item and compete for who found the most. And then we can post the results in an on-line gallery. Self-indulgent? You betcha? But what are digital cameras and free on-line photo galleries for if not self-indulgence?


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  1. It is a huge flea market. The first (and only) time I ever went, it got very windy, and blew some stands over.

    Your scavenger hunt idea is funny. I can imagine separate groups even, at different markets, and each of them trying to find all of the items on a list.

    First to post photos online of all seventeen items on the list wins … the clown picture? Um, the other contestants have to buy the beer?

  2. The picture of the Clown do you know anything about it.I have one like it and I was wondering the age the painters name is on it But I’m not sure of the last name.

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