Foggy morning musings


There is something so cozy about a foggy morning. Outside my window, instead of the harsh industrial realities of a major freeway and refinery, there is only instead a soft mist entirely shrouding the refinery and turning the commuter cars into ghosts. On mornings like these I just want to curl up in the comfy chair in the sun room until the fog finally lifts. But, since that can’t happen, I’m happy to just get in 20 minutes of meditation.

This is going to be a busy weekend. I’m not crazy about the busy weekends. I need quiet time to remain sane. But, as Mick Jagger sang “you can’t always get what you wa-ont.”

The pace at work continues to be challenging, but at least now it’s more focused. My colleague, however, seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown and started crying when I simply rubbed her back reassuringly. She’s an odd bird, that one. At times I feel very protective of her, and other times I’m surprised at the depth of my aversion.

Tonight, I’m having dinner with Lana, who has become a bit of an NKT widow. Her girlfriend, Carol, has thrown herself into NKT activities with an addictive gusto. So, while Carol is off at festivals, retreats, etc. Lana and I get together and freely discuss our doubts, criticisms and how to make dharma real in our lives without becoming a slave to our local NKT center.

At the crack o’ dawn tomorrow morning, I’m heading out for a day of Vajrayogini practice and teachings. I do love that practice. After I finished my month long retreat earlier this year, I had promised myself I would never get too far away from the practice. Of course, I did. So, I’m looking forward to the day retreat.

Other news: the finger is healing nicely; Alaska is not currently dying of renal failure as I feared; and Mr. Binkles is still a pain in the ass.


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  1. Enjoy your day of practice tomorrow.

    I really appreciate everything your doing here to share your life with us.

    On a note of my own — “Meeting it Everywhere” is gone, I erased it. I’ve started anew just link to it by clicking my name if your interested.

    take care,


  2. Hi Greg –

    I’m glad my ramblings are not for naught. And yes, it was indeed a lovely day. Wonderful teacher, beautiful practice and some fabulous friends. Granted, I slept most of the way through one of the sessions, but I had at least one session where I was really focused, so that made getting up at the crack o’ dark well worth it.

    I’ve deleted your old blog (farewell, my friend) and added your new.

    Take care.

  3. Foggy mornings are lovely. I think it’s one of the reasons I enjoy the autumn here in NE Ohio so much. There’s just something magical about the fog. It softens the world. Even sounds are not as harsh.

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