Small victories and great annoyances


Depending on with whom I’m speaking, Mr. Binkles is either a real firecracker, or little mother fucker.  I’ve read that aggressive bunnies also tend to be smart bunnies.  Well, if that is the case I’ve got a real Einstein on my hands.

He’s also proved himself to be a true Houdini too.  When I leave the house, I make sure that he’s securely sequestered in his pen. At first I merely pulled the enclosure over the door opening.  That didn’t last long.  So, we installed hooks with which to secure the pen. That seemed to work.  Until last night.

Normally when I come home in the evening, I expect to see a cat in the window.  Usually Alaska, but Sasquatch has been known to haul his lazy ass off the bed and look out the living room window when he hears my car drive up.  Last night, however, Mr. Binkles was sitting on the window sill seemingly waiting for me to come home.  Ahhhhh, you might say. Isn’t that cuuuuute.  Sure, it is.  However, it also meant he’s had free reign of the house, and I’ll be cleaning rabbit pellets off the couch and bed.  Ahhhhh, isn’t that sweet?

I found out how he had escaped – through a window between the sun room and my bedroom – and now that is part of my security check before I leave the house.  So, imagine my surprise when I come home tonight from work and the little varmint is once again in the  window.

So, with my arms full of groceries, I’m trying to dance around a hungry Tangerine O’Feral, while trying to prevent Alaska and Mr. Binkles from running out the front door.  My first order of business is always to put some food out for the O’Ferals, but Mr. Binkles disagreed strongly with my priorities and started nipping at my ankles.  Fortunately, in the bag of grocery is some nice fresh parsley so I toss some in the dining room so I can make my escape and feed Tangerine.

With Tangerine fed (and the local raccoon family who eat her leftovers) getting Mr. Binkles back in his pen is my next priority.  Last thing I need is a hungry rabbit nipping at my ankles while I unpack my groceries.  I grab more parsley and walk in the direction of his pen. Since he’s very territorial and throws a fit anytime I get near his pen, he comes racing after me.  I throw the parsley in the pen and in he goes.  I notice that he had apparently lifted the enclosure off the hook and then pushed it out of his way.  He had also jumped up on where I kept the banana chips and had helped himself to his favorite treat.  Little bastard.

Next priority is to feed Alaska who was meowing incessantly.  I’m worried about my old boy.  He’s got the kidney failure thing going on, but he hasn’t been very symptomatic until recently.  His appetite hasn’t been good and he’s been pretty listless lately.  So, I got him a treat at the grocery store tonight – baby food.   I was thrilled to see him eat it with such enthusiasm.  It felt like a small victory.   I’m just not prepared to lose him just yet. Nomie only died a little over two months ago.  I can’t go through that again so soon.   So, tomorrow we go to the vet and get a reality check on his condition.  Let’s hope the old boy still has a few months left in him.


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  1. We had a bunny, aptly named Snow White. I came home from work one night to find a bunny in a mug on the table and my wife snapping photos. I was angry.

    The little nipper grew on me. She ran around the apartment, ate carrots with gusto, and reminded me of the old days when I would watch my small flock of ducks traipse around the farm yard.

    Alas, she escaped. There were tales of her exploits in our building but she seem to have disappeared.

    I am still sad.

  2. I didn’t think “cute” when I read about your bunny in the window…I thought, with a little laugh, “Psycho Bunny”, sorry.

    Good luck with your animals.

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