A quiet Saturday


The sun room smells like a barn.  It smells of hay, alfalfa pellets and vegan urine.  I don’t find it to be a bad smell.  It reminds me of hanging out at the stables as a kid, and, as an adult, the all too few visits with an old friend who now moonlights as a riding instructor.

For the first time in many weeks, I tried meditating in the sun room.  I can’t say I actually meditated, but it was nice to just sit quietly with the autumn sun on my face and with my dear frail Alaska on my chest.  The avocados haven’t grown much in the last few weeks. I wonder if they will ever get to full size.  The hillside was buzzing with workers doing something, what I do not know.  And Mr. Binkles was none too happy about being gated out from his chair.  That bunny has a lot of attachment issues – doesn’t he know that attachment will only lead to suffering? Oh right, he doesn’t.  He’s a rabbit.  A very hyper-active, aggressive rabbit who tried to eat my face last night.

I’m off to the public library today.  Haven’t been there for years.  But, cash is short this month – that root canal took a large chunk out of my wallet, and it will take me a few paychecks to fully recover.  I’m in need of some inspiration so I’m hoping to find some Buddhist books and Bollywood movies.   And then I’m going to the House Rabbit Society and see if I can’t get some advice re: Mr. Binkles really naughty behavior.  That damn rabbit is lucky I’m a vegetarian . . .


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