Bad day for a coincidence


I have heard tell of other people’s security badges sometimes just stop working.  It’s a bit unnerving, but it happens.  However, on the day after a wave of lay offs?  Very unnerving.  Especially, when the security guard whom you see every day won’t let you in, and refers you to his supervisor. *gulp*

Well, the supervisor wasn’t in, so they gave me a visitor pass – and wouldn’t even let me sign the employee log, but at least I was in.  When I saw my office was still in one piece, I was relieved.  That was, until I signed into our email system.  Access denied.  

A friend assured me that the email system had been acting wonky all morning, so it wasn’t just me.  Just a coincidence.  Fine.  I can breath again.

Soon, there is a contingent of people, led by a security guard pacing outside my office, peeking in.  They pass a couple of times, so I go out to find out if I can help them.  “Are you Debbie Jones (not my real name)?”  asks the security guard with great seriousness.  “Uh, yeah?”  “You need to come with me to HR.”  “What?”  Meanwhile, one member of the contingent is frantically whispering “that’s not her, that’s not her”. “Yes, it is.  She says her name is Debbie Jones.”  “Yeah, but that’s not her.”   Another fellow came over, and more forcefully told the security guard that I was not his prey, and apologized to me and said it was all OK. 

While I am relieved for me, I feel sorry for the other Debbie Jones who works in this building. It was obviously her they were after.    I only have to live with the inconvenience of trying to establish that I am not the layed off Debbie Jones, but the still employed Debbie Jones, so I can get back my access to the building and my mail.


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  1. oh god .. am catching up on your life after a couple of weeks and can hardly believe what’s going on for you and those you’ve worked with for so long … it makes me sad-angry- appalled … my thoughts are with you, dear lady …

  2. Thanks for all your kind thoughts. It was indeed a tough week, and less than drama free. But, it’s always something – it’s just the intensity varies from moment to moment, day to day.


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