Ohhhhhhhhh, so you’re supposed to actually FEED them!?


I am so, so, so sorry Mr. Binkles, I had no idea.

In all my research and discussion with the the HRS and my vet, the point was hammered home that buns need to eat hay – preferably timothy hay. When I expressed to my vet that Mr. Binkles had no interest in hay, he said it was probably because I was feeding him the equivalent of chocolate cake (to a bunny at least) with the pellets and greens, so no wonder he had no interest in his hay. So, being tough love bunny mom, I did not compensate on the greens to make up for the lack of hay, figuring if he got hungry enough he’d eat the damn hay. But, yet the damn hay never got et.

So, last night I finally followed up on some advice from HSP woman, and bought him some alfalfa. Voila! Instant happy bunny. He didn’t throw things around his pen early in the a.m. trying to wake me up. No rattling of his pen like some frustrated prisoner. And when I opened his pen this morning, he didn’t come out hungry for my flesh.

Yeah, feeding the pets. Gotta remember that. Seems like a good idea.


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