Bluegrass and a bunny


It was another beautiful weekend in the SF Bay Area. Every year around this time, a local rich guy, Warren Hellman, sponsors the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival at Golden Gate Park. This weekend 70+ acts played over the course of three days on five different stages. The best part? It’s all free. And no signs of any corporate sponsorship. They’ve been putting this on for seven years, and the crowds grow bigger each year. For me, this year, the sheer number of people almost made me want to flee. And it seemed like a lot of people were there just for a picnic with friends and weren’t interested in the music at all. I was barely able to hear John Prine b/c the people in front of me seemed to be greeting every other person as they streamed into the park. It was frustrating.

Fortunately, we found a decent place to sit to hear Gillian Welch and Steve Earle. Sure, we were seemingly miles away, but the sound was good, and the people around us were there for the music, so I was able to relax. Unfortunately, Steve Earle (whom I adore) came on after the sun had left the meadow, so the enjoyment of his solo accoustic performance was somewhat dampened by the chilliness of the air.


If you squint, you can see Steve Earle up there on the stage singing one of my favorite songs, Jerusalem.


Mr. Binkles update: since his nut chop on Wednesday, there has been no further bloodshed. While he certainly has nipped, and started getting a bit carried away, I’ve been able to save myself from further injury and get him corralled back into his pen when he’s been a bad bunny. He’s still an ornery little sod, but I think we’re making progress. I’ve managed to reclaim some of my furniture, and can now sit in on my couch and wing-back chair without him trying to jump all over me, nipping and biting. He did scare the crap out of the boyfriend and I today when he managed to jump on the bed. I think he was jealous that all the other living beings (2 humans and 2 cats) in the house were on the bed taking a nap, and he just wanted to join us. However, I want to discourage him from jumping up on and bed (especially the marking). But, right now he’s just hanging here in the office with me, cleaning himself and munching on the curtain. So sweet, so cuddly . . . so deadly.


I also got together tonight for with my sangha buddies for some good dharma talk, and trying to figure out how we can live without a center, but not abandon the dharma. Good stuff.


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