Mr. Binkles and his big boys


Took Mr. Binkles to the vet this morning. Like the HRS person who looked at him a couple of weeks back, my vet was also slightly taken aback by Mr. Binkles’ balls. “My, he’s quite the boy. Very large testicles. Could be part of the aggression thing – he’s quite the macho little bunny.” He says I still may have some behavior issue to deal with, because he thinks that he’s over a year old, so some of this hormonal behavior has probably become habitual. I just need to be able to show him I’m the big bunny around here. I hope I can do that. But for the last few days, it’s been more like this:


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  1. I forgot how much I enjoyed that movie. Need to see the whole thing again soon.

    Mr. Binkles was quite quiet last night, but this morning he was somewhat back to normal lunging at my feet as I was trying to feed him.

  2. i’ve been reading about Mr Binkles, applying rib-splints, agreeing with anything and everything HRS has said … and remembering Bruce, a bunny who ambushed me at a bus-stop in the wilds of Yorkshire (he was the one at the bus stop) …

    a nut chop did curb his carnal interest in my very pretty cat, and he did get a bit podgy .. but he was always kinda bossy … never lost his taste for a good phone-wire snip mid-conversation either …

    you know of course that bunny souls are as cantankerously individual as ours … more so perhaps because they channel straight from Gaia while we tend to stick around BBC4 on mute …

    thank you for the smiles, for Mr Binkles and your gorgeous writing …

  3. Bite me once, shame on you. Bite me twice, shame on me. Bite me three times, off with your balls!

    Shell —

    Thanks for the lovely comment. If I have made you giggle, my job here is done.

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