Love bites


Mr. Binkles, the bunny, continues to be a source of amusement. I always knew they were cute and fluffy, but I had no idea what personalities they had. In the evening, he hops up on the couch and presents himself for nice petting or a scratch behind the ears. And while he’s trying to make friends with the cats, they are less than amused by his habit of jumping on top of them while they sleep.

This morning, however, I was reminded of the bit from Monty Python’s Holy Grail with the killer rabbit with “big pointy teeth”. When I went into Mr. Binkles’ pen to bring him some fresh water to go with his greens, he lunged at me and bit me. Bit me hard. Broke the skin. In two places. Ingrate. Hoppy little bastard.

I’m going to assume that was a territorial thing, as he is now at my feet looking as cute as a stuffed bunny and asking for attention. I also need to call and make an appointment to get the little guy neutered (take that! you little biting bastard – see what happens when you bite mommy?). This weekend he made clear his romantic intentions with the boyfriend – my boyfriend. And while I’m happy someone is enthusiastic to mate with the boyfriend, it becomes quite bothersome when the little guy is constantly circling his feet and jumping up on him when he’s sitting on the couch relaxing.


Went to the SF Blues Festival yesterday. It was a beautiful warm fall day. The meadow at Fort Mason is a terrific venue – the Golden Gate bridge is peeking up over the horizon, the bay breezes add a much needed coolness to the heat of the day (and later send people scattering as the day nears the end). The light is terrific this time of year. I regret I didn’t bring my camera. Very mellow crowd – though at the end there was some Budweiser and sun-fueled dancing by a near-by couple that no one really needed to see. The music was thoroughly enjoyable. There were lots of old blues legends playing – Jimmy McCracklin, Sugar Pie DiSanto, the Carter Brothers, and Charlie Musselwhite. Yet, the band that got everyone on their feet was a group of young white English guys sounding a lot like early James Brown.

It was an odd week. But, this week looks like things will be back to “normal”. Work will probably be a bit crazed, but that’s expected at this phase of the project. And I am teaching tonight. Despite whatever feelings I have about the NKT or my teacher, I do enjoy teaching.


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