Bun Bun is mine


Shorty after I had written my previous post, I headed back into the sun room to relax and hope that the little bunny would make it safely through the night.  When I looked out the window, the little guy was at the end of the walkway leading to my front porch.  I decided to try luring him in with some food.  It didn’t take much.  He hopped right into the sun room (his home from his previous stay) and I closed the door.  Congratulations, I’m the proud owner of a little orange Rex bunny.

I believe I’m doing the right thing for the rabbit.  This will be the second time within a week that they let him escape (and they apparently hadn’t had him that long).  They have not put up any signs about a lost rabbit, nor have I seen them looking for it.  It’s probably a case where the parents got the bunny for the kid(s) and they simply do not know how to care for it.  But, shouldn’t I feel bad about the kids who lost the rabbit?  I do and I don’t.  It’s not their fault their parents haven’t taught them about responsible pet ownership.  But, if I gave them the bunny back, it will likely get out again.  The poor dear seemed quite thirsty when I offered him water, and was absolutely voracious when I gave him some fresh greens.  Despite his  unwillingness to be caught, I think he is happy to be warm, fed and hydrated. This rabbit is a living being who deserves to be treated with love and respect.  It’s not a toy to be discarded after a child becomes bored with it.

So, I’ve purchased a pen for him (the cages seemed so small and confining), lots of fresh greens, along with the provisions I got from last time.  I’ll need to do more reading on the proper care and feeding of house rabbits.  And I need to get him neutered as he was marking all my furniture with his urine while I was out at the store.  How cute.


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