Bun Bun is back


The little bunny is back. I spied him out on my driveway this morning, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to catch the wily little creature. He’s onto me and my drop the box on the bunny trick. According to my feral cat-lady friend (she’s not feral herself, she just feeds some local ferals. She’s actually quite tame), the bunny has been in my vicinity since Sunday. Frankly, I think he’s having the time of his life. Plenty of greens so he’s not going hungry. Though when I put some water down for him, he seemed quite thirsty.

Not sure how I’m going to capture the little guy. He’s too light to trigger a humane trap, and there’s too much open space to corner him to grab him.

Any ideas?

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  1. This really upsets me! I am hyperventilating!

    The previous owner does not deserve to have such a creature in her house. This bunny will NOT survive outside.

    Please, contact Rabbit Haven for help and advice (the Santa Cruz one isn’t too too far from you, right??). Please, get him inside as soon as possible.

    How about an x-pen? Set it up and leave an opening with some dandelion greens or italian parsley inside. Or even a slice of apple.

    When he gets in, close the gate. That’s a start!

    Do you (or anyone you know) have access to an x-pen?

    Maybe it’s destiny. Your love for him called him back to you — called him home.

    I don’t mean to judge, but people who are careless with their pets infuriate me!


    The director at Rabbit Haven would have great suggestions for you. Her name is Heather:


    (her email).

    Her work phone:

    (831) 239-7119

    Please, let me know what happens! I will send him as much protective energy as I can!

    Poor little one…

    Thank you for trying to rescue him. You are an angel!

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