Feeeeeelings . . . nothing more


Yesterday morning on my way into the office I was all worked up about something.  I had called a friend and left a message that I was just calling to chat about something that was really annoying me.  When he called me back later in the afternoon and asked what was going on, for the life of me, I couldn’t recall what was so damned important.  But, it was really important that morning.  Now, completely gone.  Poof! 

When trying to explain emptiness to someone, I think the best way to begin to understand it is to look at our feelings.  The emptiness of the body or the self is a harder nut to crack.  But, feelings – where are they, truly?  They are like clouds – insubstantial, ever-changing. It’s easy to see how they arise and fall within mere moments.  Yet,  they seem so damned urgent at the time.  We do all sorts embarrassing and sometimes hurtful things based on these fleeting feelings.   It’s rather silly, if you look at it logically.

This has been a particularly frustrating week at work.  Everyone is running around like crazy people trying to make a near impossible deadline.  The communication has been just terrible.  No one knows what the other is doing – and chances are they are replicating the work you’re doing.  Much of my frustration has been directed towards the project lead.  She’s not a good communicator and she’s probably in over her head. Yet, because of my frustration I’ve said some pretty damn critical things about her that I probably should have kept to myself.   They served no purpose but to vent my spleen and make sure others know my displeasure.  And this accomplishes what?

Instead I should just watch my mind (and my mouth).  It’s pretty damn turbulent in there these days.   But it’s just turbulence – it may be a bit scary at time, even annoying – but ultimate it’s harmless.   It will pass soon enough. 


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  1. seems to me you are into the crux of the bisquet = feelings = experience = reality. aye therez the rub (pun intended) cuz when we get rubbed the wrong we we dunt like it – we er not sposed to like it – its just likenit or not dunt mean squat. Like not taking our lives personally? Not taking ourselves too seriously? Not throwin the baby out with the bathwater – but not fallin so gaga in love with the baby that we dunt notice how itz drowning in the bathwater?

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