Bunny love


Yesterday, as I was heading out of the house, the boyfriend and I saw a little bunny on my driveway. Small, orangish, and very definitely a pet. Fearing that I would startle the little creature, I crept down the stairs hoping to get close. I needn’t had been so cautious, as the little guy hopped right up to me and sniffed my hand. When he realized that I didn’t have any food, he hopped away finding some greens to nibble on. Pretty and Gonzo O’Feral spied the little creature and crouched in the grass trying to figure out what the heck it was. The bunny, fearless, hopped right over to the kitties, startling them with his forwardness.

While watching him hop around the yard was quite amusing, I knew I needed to capture him and try to find his home. He thought it was quite the game. Finally, after I had enough, I got a cardboard box and dropped it over him, slipped another piece of cardboard under the box, and voila! Bunny in a box.

We brought him into the house while I looked up Rabbit Rescue – I didn’t want to take him to our local animal control b/c our county tends to euthanize pretty quickly. And as it happens, the International Headquarters of the House Rabbit Society (who knew?) was a mere 2 miles from my house. If Richmond wants to improve their reputation in the media, I think they should publicize that our city is the center of the House Rabbit universe -much better than our current claim to fame as the 11th most dangerous city in the US.

The nice folks at the House Rabbit Society offered to take a look at the bunny, though they had no room at the inn to rescue him. But, they were willing to help me get provisions to set up his temporary home while I figured out a longterm solution. In the meantime, the boyfriend put up signs in the neighborhood in both English and Spanish (a neighbor offered to be the spanish speaking contact).

Long story short: bunny is now living in my sunroom in a large pen complete with all the bunny amenities – we even made him a little cardboard hiding place, but he prefers tossing it around the cage. He’s so freakin’ cute, I squeee whenever he stands up to look at me. He likes to just sit on my chest while I’m reading or watching TV. So soft. So sweet. But, he’s a little pooping machine.


A Spanish speaking woman called my friend today and said it was her bunny. We were supposed to meet this evening for the big bunny handoff, but she never called back. In some ways I’m relieved – I’m becoming quite attached to the little guy. Yet, the longer I keep him the more attached I’ll become.


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  1. I did have a litter box for the bun bun, but he wasn’t box trained. And thank you for the offer of advice; I may need it later. I think I’m hooked on bunnies. This little bunny, however, went back whence he came. 😦 The owner came by tonight to claim him. I only hope they give him a good home.

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