A world apart . . . yet less than a mile away


I live in Richmond, California. But not really. At least not the Richmond that most people think they know. I live in the quaint, and generally affluent neighborhood of Point Richmond. Point Richmond has been jokingly referred to as East Marin. While my 15 year stay here has not been crime free, in general it feels safe here. People, myself included, say they live in the “The Point” rather than Richmond. It’s as if we want to appear separate, different, even better than our brethren in plain ol’ Richmond. Yet, we share the same police, fire, community services, and city government. We are all residents of the City of Richmond, and as such should care about the problems that are just outside our doorstep. The Iron Triangle, where the bulk of the violence in Richmond occurs, is less than a mile from The Point. Yet, what can we do to help? The whole situation makes me feel sad, helpless, and yes, at times, scared. All I can do is include them in my prayers – wishing for them the inner peace that will help bring the outer peace in the world.

SWAT teams hit the streets to try to quell Richmond violence

Marisa Lagos, Chronicle Staff Writer

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

(09-12) 14:09 PDT RICHMOND – Richmond police put SWAT teams on the streets today after two more people were shot, bringing the number of shootings in the city since Tuesday to 11.The violence, which investigators believe is the product of a gang war, has claimed the lives of three people.Two people were wounded, one critically, at 10:17 a.m. today when someone fired 30 rounds from a small-caliber pistol at Gertrude Avenue and Filbert Street just across the border from unincorporated North Richmond, police Lt. Mark Gagan said.

Gagan said investigators believe that gangs from northern Richmond and the central district are feuding and that the shootings are connected. Some of the shooters have used high-caliber guns and fired numerous rounds, prompting authorities to roll out SWAT teams for patrols.

The tactical teams will be focusing “on the areas where street violence occurs most,” Gagan said.

“There’s going to be a lot of (police) presence out there, and not just today,” he said. “Last night, they just waited until it was dark (for several of the shootings).”

A total of nine people were shot during five attacks Tuesday. The three victims who died were all men.

Deondrae Holden, 21, was shot at numerous times while driving on the Richmond Parkway at Hensley Street around 3 p.m. He continued a mile and a half before he died in the car.

Jewell Mayweather, Jr., 23, was killed a little after 8 p.m. at First Street and MacDonald Avenue. Another person was critically wounded in that shooting, police said.

Nineteen-year-old Dewayne Moore was killed around 8:30 p.m. in a shooting at 37th Street and Wall Avenue in south Richmond. Three other people were wounded.

Victims survived two other shootings Tuesday, the first at 9:45 a.m. on Filbert Street and the second at 10:55 p.m. at 20th Street and Gaynor Avenue.

One of those shot this morning was hit in the head, Gagan said. The other victim was shot in the arm and is expected to recover.

Despite the uptick in violence, Richmond’s homicide total is well below what it was last year. Nineteen people have been killed in the city in 2007; last year at this time the total was 28.


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  1. “Despite the uptick in violence, Richmond’s homicide total is well below what it was last year. Nineteen people have been killed in the city in 2007; last year at this time the total was 28.”

    see ? thangs are gettin batter . . . lol (o no !) if they stab you in the heart wood it be a purification? or just a nutter fucxed sam sorrow thang?

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