Calling in sick


I swear, this morning when I woke up, there was a tickle in my throat and my head was congested. Honestly, there was. I’m a firm believer in keeping your cold at home – particularly in the incubation stages – so I called in sick with the intent of getting some extra sleep and taking it easy so it doesn’t go into a full blown cold.

I feel fine now.

I’ve been pretty damn healthy most of my life, despite my lax health habits, so, I don’t get to take many sick days. But sometimes a girl just wants to stay home and lay on the couch and watch back-to-back episodes of Dexter, a heart warming series about a serial killer. I adore the lead actor, Michael C. Hall from his Six Feet Under days. It took me an episode or two to warm up to this show, but once I was hooked, I caught up on all the episodes in quick succession, and can’t wait for the new season to begin in a couple of weeks.

While I was on the couch, reflected in the TV screen, I saw one of my ferals, Tangerine standing in front of my screen door looking in. Maybe she was reconsidering her decision of a few months back of fleeing the house and rejoining her feral family. She was with me in the house for close to four months. While she never became a lap cat, we did play in the evenings with the cat dancer toy, and she no longer fled the room when I entered. During the day, she would join Nomie (RIP), Alaska and Sasquatch on my bed and nap in the sun. Even though she was never going to be a cuddle bunny like the rest of them, she was part of my family.

Unfortunately, she never fully incorporated back into her birth family. She is merely a tolerated outsider. She has her own food dish – the others won’t share with her. But, that dish is a mere foot or two from theirs. Pretty and Gonzo don’t hang out with her (still no word from Buffy), so she spends her time alone. Unlike the other ferals, she stays close to the house during the day. And in the morning, I often find her sleeping right outside my window. If I could find some way to leave a door or window open for her to see if she’d accept the invitation to come in, I would. But, ever since Alaska (damn cat) made his escape the other day, security at Chez Lazy Buddhist has tightened.

I was tempted to run some errands and be productive today since the cold didn’t really pan out. But, that wouldn’t be a sick day, would it?


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