The web


This morning I was sitting in the sun room attempting to meditate, but instead got distracted by the antics of a squirrel (I can appreciate why Zen practitioners face the wall).  Damn, squirrels are cute.  As s/he scampered away, I noticed glinting in the sun, these fine translucent threads that I had never noticed before.  The sun was hitting them just right to illuminate them.  They were everywhere – between branches of the avocado tree, which connected to  some unnamed shrubbery, which linked to the acacia tree, which connected to some utility line, which linked up to the big redwood, and between the branches of the redwood.  It was beautiful.  The more I relaxed my gaze, the more threads appeared.  From an ordinary perspective, it is just the work of busy spiders.  But, why adopt ordinary view when you don’t have to?  Instead it reminded me of one of my favorite passages in Geshe-la’s books where he talks about how we are all connected in this web of kindness.  If we can remember how we are all connected, how we are all utterly interdependent, then acceptance, love and compassion can come more easily.

Note to self: today when your manic colleague starts to annoy you, remember the web.

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  1. The wall bit does help, but even sometimes I start seeing things in the wood paneling. . . I suppose the mind will keep itself busy one way or the other.

    I like how you used this meditation experience to become more connected with everything around you understanding that the “distractions” were simply a part of your experience.

    Thanks for the reminder not to get locked in ordinary view

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