Hot men in kilts



literally . . . it was over 100 degrees today in Pleasanton at the Highland Games. And while the kilts may facilitate some natural air conditioning to their nether regions, the rest of the get-ups just looked uncomfortable in that heat.


And then there were the other clowns people like the fellow to the right in the picture above, who were not part of any organized group, and therefore not mandated to wear wool. A lot of these folks looked like they decided to wear their Renaissance Faire costumes. Why? I honestly don’t understand it. But if it makes them happy . . . I’ll try and refrain from judging.

After we had our fill of pipes and drums, we headed over to the Sheep Herding competition. These dogs were amazing. So focused. I could probably learn a thing or two from these pooches. Talk about single pointed concentration! But, afterwards they were just fun, happy dogs who, like the rest of us, were looking for some respite from the heat.


There was also an exhibit of birds of prey, with a wide variety ranging from eagles to owls to falcons. I catch falcon fever in the spring, when I check in frequently on the the drama (albeit a very slow moving drama) of George and Gracie, the PG&E Peregrin Falcons. Where will they lay their clutch? How many will hatch? And, the big finale of the little ones’ fledging. While I can’t explain the fascination with the big birds, by the crowds at the birds of prey exhibit, I’m not the only one who finds them compelling.



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  1. OK, noble prizez aside ~ when do we admit that we got know idea wtf is really gowin on? I mean look at these hot guys and then look in to the eyez of that murderin bird and you tell me whats up.

    if sumthin so hue man kin look so re-dick-u-less and sumthin that eats live animals fur dinner kin look so be-you-tea-full then eye gotta rethink me hole real alley tea cuz if eye aint red eye to put on a dress an start gnawin on yer finger then may bee my poyntoview dont make no cents eyether

    butt eye guess at this point thats a given

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