Accordion therapy


It’s been a while since I’ve been the mood for anything silly, and nothing has really seemed “fun”. The boyfriend loves the Cotati Accordion Festival. I don’t mind it. It’s a pleasant, low-key day in the park with a wide variety of music, that just so happens to feature accordions. Well, OK. Better than sitting at home depressed. But, what got me actually excited was the Monsters of Accordion show Saturday night at the 21 Grand gallery in Oakland. We saw Jason Webley a few years back at the same venue, and it was a raucous good time. Plus, it was all reminiscent of my funky club going youth seeing punk bands and performance artists.

By the time the show closed with Webley’s standard closing drinking song, the boyfriend and friend were pretty tuckered out. But, I spun, and weaved and sang along with gusto. It felt good. While this wasn’t the show I was at, just substitute Oakland for Barecelona:

On Sunday we went up to the little town of Cotati for their annual Accordion Festival. This year the music felt a little flat – the variation just wasn’t there on the main stage. But, it still was a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.




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  1. He’s just another clown, just another clown.

    I’m imputing the name “blog” on this series of writings, pictures and links. Call it what you what. Bog? Golb? Glob? T’aint no matter.

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