Picking up the sticks again


For whatever reason, I’ve decided to get out my knitting supplies and yarn stash and take up knitting again. I had 2 bags and a basket full of yarn and unfinished projects. The evening was spent getting all this organized. Unfinished projects in the basket, the yarn stash is its own bag, and a bag with needles and fixings. Unfortunately, I don’t even know if I remember how to knit, but I’m ready once I remember and I figure out something to make.


I’ve been struggling with second guessing my last few days with Nomie. It makes me sick to my stomach that she suffered in her last hours. Sick. And then later I had a horrible twinge that her death was all my fault. If only I had kept her on her regimen of fluids and antibiotics, maybe she would be alive today. I can’t stay with this thought long because it would be incapacitating to me. As both vets explained, her lab tests showed that she virtually had no kidney function left. The numbers were so abnormal, the lab double-checked them to make sure they were right. She was running on fumes for the last few weeks . . . she had an long, excellent life for a cat. She was well cared for and well loved. Of all my cats, I spoiled her the most. She was my precious girl. And I miss her.


Had a long conversation with the landlord today re: the construction on the lot above me. He’s had discussions with the developer before, and got some promises re: protecting the privacy and comfort of his tenant. We’ll see. The other neighbors have opposed the development, while my landlord has been cooperative, and has in return, gotten a few guarantees. In a letter they delivered today to the developer, they reminded him of the promises. We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, I need to talk to the neighbors above the lot and develop an alliance since we’ll be the ears and eyes of what this guy is doing. The minute he does something wrong, I’ll be calling someone at the City and reporting him. He doesn’t have a good reputation around town. A few years back he bought a bunch of substandard lots and planned some mega-houses that simply did not fit in here in the Point. I plan to hold his feet to the fire and make him play nice.


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