Cats love bubble gum


Or at least that’s what one could assume by the fact that anytime a cat is in need of an antibiotic, the vets gives them bubble gum flavored Amoxicillin suspension.   The stuff is a garish pink fluid that smells like Bazooka bubble gum.  Because you know how nostalgic cats can be for the good old days when you Bazooka was a penny a piece.  And oh how they laughed at the antics of Bazooka Joe.  And the they longed to be able to own the spy glasses that were advertised on the comics.   Good times.  Good times.

You would think that considering how often this stuff is prescribed for animals, they can make a version specifically for animals, rather than prescribing the pediatric version.  How hard is get rid of the artificial pink food coloring and substitute the artificial bubble gum flavor for a meat flavor.   Getting medicine squirted down one’s throat is unpleasant enough without having it taste really nasty.


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