Our new national pastime


And despite the hoopla about Beckham coming to America, it isn’t soccer. No, our national pastime is watching celebrity train wrecks. Whenever Britney, Lindsey, Paris or Nicole are not in rehab or in jail, there is bound to be a train wreck somewhere in Hollywood that we can all stop and ogle. Not a week goes by when there isn’t some kind of drama with those gals. This week Lindsey crashed in a most spectacular way that got even those who claim to not follow that sort of thing shaking their heads.

Quite obviously she does have a serious substance abuse problem (versus Paris who just had an entitlement problem or Britney who clearly has mental issues). However, the sympathy points that might be garnered for that problem have been overwritten by her reckless behavior behind the wheel. It’s not enough to simply implode on your own, she seems determined to take out a few innocent bystanders while she is at it.

My favorite quote of the day re: Promises, the rehab center she left less than two weeks ago: “I mean, come on, the place is called “Promises” not “Results”.


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