Lazy, so damn lazy


Yes, this site – LazyBuddhist – is truly worthy of its name. Though, with some of the misanthropic thoughts coursing through my head lately, I probably shouldn’t be calling myself a Buddhist.

Not sure if I’m suffering from a low grade depression, or if I’m merely experiencing the chronic discontent that characterizes samsara. I’m bored with work, I’m cranky at the Buddhist center, and I’m short tempered with the boyfriend. Part of the problem is my pride is taking a real beating. At work I feel disrespected and overlooked. At the center I feel overshadowed. In my relationship I feel stagnant.

On the surface things have been going well – I moved into a cute new house. I was partially responsible for a very successful event at the center, and soon I leave for 2 weeks in England for Festival. Yet . . .

Maybe I’m just tired. I’ve had little time to myself. My battery is on low. Understandable, but I need to get recharged right quick, before I leave for England. As much as I am looking forward to the trip, I know it is going to be tough. Two weeks with very little, if any privacy. Yikes! I really need some blessings.


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