What is it about a train wreck . . .


that makes it so compelling?  Even though everyone poo-poos those who slow down to rubberneck an accident at the side of the road, everyone does it.  Some admit to their morbid curiosity, others make excuses say “well traffic had slowed down anyway, so might as well look.”  I admit I look, but when I do, I try and let some compassion arise for those people who were in the accident.  But, sometimes all I can summon is “daaaang! That is one nasty accident!” 

Britney Spears is like one of those wrecks that you simply can’t look away from.  And, unfortunately, rather than compassion for the poor, confused woman,  my reaction is of the “daaaaaaang!  She is one messed up chick!”  It’s easy to develop compassion for her kidlets – afterall they are the ones left without a mommy.  But, where is the compassion for Britney who is so obviously enmeshed in pain and confusion? 

Salon had a couple of clips from Craig Ferguson’s show the other night that really reminded me of how callous I can be when it comes to our public train wrecks like Britney. They are well worth taking a look at: Part 1 and Part 2


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