Cruel to be kind


At long last I captured the last of my feral feline family and whisked her off to the vet to get spayed – she may even need an abortion. And while I know from a dharma perspective, abortion is not a good thing, it’s the right thing to do – the world does not need more feral cats, and while I could try to trap the kittens and find them good homes, from experience I know that is easier to say than to do. There are far too many cats and far too few good homes. It’s very, very sad.

A few months back I went on a trapping spree and trapped 3 out of the 4 O’Ferals and got them all spayed (every last one of them female). It’s traumatic for both the cat and for me. They thrash about the cage and yowl as if they are being murdered. Then after the trauma of surgery they have to spend a few more days in my bathroom in a cage while they recover. Their poor little ignorant minds have no concept of what is happening and that it is for their own good. It’s painful to watch. And while one can comfort one’s own pets when they are distraught, a feral animal cannot be comforted. The very touch of your hand provokes more fear. Sad, sad, sad.


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